The first certified residential projects in Poland

BREEAM is one of the most popular European methods to assess the quality of buildings and the construction process. This is an insurance policy for the future, confirming high standards of execution, application of ecological solutions guaranteeing comfortable use.

What a BREEAM certificate is?

The certificate is awarded by an international independent organisation BRE which assesses housing and office investments at each stage of development: from design through construction to use. The BREEAM certificate confirms that top standards of sustainable development have been complied with. This is a leading and one of the most prestigious assessment methods in the world.

The standards covered with the certificate refer to the following areas:

  1. Environmental aspect

    This means use solely of non-toxic certified construction materials as well as anti-allergic, health safety glues and paints. This also means effective waste management in the construction process and supervision of ecologists at every stage of construction. The environmental aspect means also optimisation of the daily use of the entire building, energy savings and effective water management.  

  2. Social aspect

    In ensures comfort of future inhabitants by careful selection of the location to take into account availability of public transport, educational, sports and culinary institutions, bike paths and green areas. The social aspect also covers the development of missing infrastructure or maximisation of the natural local potential. And additionally - respect for the rights of the local community, restriction of: noise, vibration, water and air pollution, no use of hazardous substances and preservation of some old trees.

  3. Economic aspect

    This means installation at investments of technological solutions that generate savings in property maintenance. Water softening systems do not mean only no stone in taps but also less expensive washing due to lower water consumption and longer life by household appliances. This is one of many solutions, implemented by us to reduce heating and energy bills.

Why is it so important to us?

At Skanska we are deeply convinced that the decisions we make affect the future generations. The natural environment around us requires never ending care and attention.

Why is that also important for you?

It is good to live in harmony with practical impact on your life quality - here and now, and in the future.