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Sales have started of stage II of Jaśminowy Mokotów! For more information visit our office or call us +48 22 509 99 99.

Scandinavian philosophy of life followed by Skanska, places human needs in the centre of attention. We believe in timeless, quality and functional solutions. We have been trying to develop well designed space to live, close to nature. This is Jaśminowy Mokotów.

Jaśminowy Mokotów include apartments with title to land and a BREEAM certificate. This is the first development in Mokotów submitted to BREEAM certification, awarding top standards in terms of design, performance and functioning.

Jaśminowy Mokotów is also the first development in Warsaw which is provided solely with wind energy. With the intentional restricted use of electrical energy in favour of green energy, Skanska mitigates the adverse impact on the environment at the time the investment is being developed – production of green energy does not generate emissions of harmful gases or heat.

Project facts

Location: Mokotów, ul. Białego Dębu

Main contact

Karolina Guzik

Karolina Guzik

+48 22 509 99 99 E-mail

Sales have started of stage II of Jaśminowy Mokotów!

The second stage will cover six two-storey buildings totalling 96 apartments of various sizes - from studios with kitchen annexes of 30 m2 to five-room apartments of 141 m2. Afterwards, city villas, detached houses and terraced houses will be developed.

Stage two will include G, H, J, L, M buildings. New apartments are already accessible in the tab Apartments.

The first interested customers have the best choice and may book the apartments of their dreams. Only now, special offers for the first 10 customers.

Virtual reality of Jaśminowy Mokotów

With special VR glasses (cardboard) that you will find at the  sales office, you can see your future home.

Just click on the link below, when the application is activated, select the icon “cardboard” and you can admire the beautiful architecture of Jaśminowy Mokotów.

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Jaśminowy Mokotów will have its own pond, a park with recreation space and gardens between buildings

Jaśminowy Mokotów is being developed in the Warsaw Protected Landscape Area. Skanska fully respects the related requirements: minimum interference in the nature of the site and low cosy developments. It is naturally secured with an escarpment, surrounded with lush greenery and excellently located - Jaśminowy Mokotów will be exceptional haven in the heart of the city. The Warsaw aeration route in which Jaśminowy Mokotów is being developed, guarantees that its inhabitants will get regular inflow of fresh air despite its location in the heart of the metropolis. The biologically active surface, ensuring regular and close contact with nature, accounts for 60% of the site.

Project details

In the heart of Mokotów, a place of timeless charm is being developed.

Its cosy, two-storey development and classical form will cause the admiration of the most demanding customers. Jaśminowy Mokotów means cosy, two-storey buildings. Carefully finished lobbies, balconies and terraces. This is comfort of use, safety and ecological solutions. The architectonic design has been made by the famous design office “Rolfe Judd", known for projects completed in Poland and abroad.

Project features

In stage I - there will be 6 buildings with totally 108 apartments.

Jaśminowy Mokotów is a development to constitute complete fragment of a modern city. Apart from buildings, Skanska will perform a new underground and surface infrastructure from scratch. As a result, future inhabitants will be able to enjoy modern architectonic and technical solutions, such as electric car charging points. The first stage of the investment is to be finished by mid-2018. There will be six two-storey buildings totalling 108 apartments of various sizes - from 27 m2 to six-room apartments of 117 m2.

The major principle of the Scandinavian style is functionality. We develop solutions tailored to inhabitants. At Skanska we provide our customers with such spaces – well thought over and providing for varied arrangement potential. Functionality also includes the vicinity of major points that are important to daily life: shops, schools, medical outlets and various institutions. Functionality also includes the required facilities for the handicapped, children or cyclists.

Recreational space

On the outside, the inhabitants will admire greenery

A real class lies in an economical form – light, ergonomic, no ornaments.
If we add top quality of materials - quality of finish will defend by itself. What inspires us?  Nature that develops brilliant forms: grass using the morphology of play grounds, park with recreation space, pond and gardens for inhabitants - all constitute a very important part of Jaśminowy Mokotów.


Common parts are dominated with light and white. The raw plaster is combined with warm wood and high-quality ceramics.

The presented prices are for information only and are not a commercial offer within the meaning of Art. 66.1 of the Civil Code and other applicable regulations. The visualisations presented at this site are only general and constitute solely supporting material to make it easier for future buyers of apartments to get oriented in the general look of the Development Project under way. The presented visualisations do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Act of 23 April 1964 - Civil Code (Journal Laws of 2014, item 121, as amended) and are not binding upon the Developer.


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Scandinavian style is a top-notch design.



Relaxation in Mokotów

Öppet för livet - Open up for life, city and nature

The site in the neighbourhood of Skarpa Warszawska [Warsaw Escarpment] is said to be ideal. The inhabitants will find there greenery, silence, peace, historic surroundings and unique landscapes. In this unique location in Warsaw, among city parks such as Arkadia or Dolinka Służewiecka, peaceful little streets, an exceptional development is being built – Jaśminowy Mokotów.

A view of the pond which is the integral part of Jaśminowy Park.

Iluzjon Cinema of Filmoteka Narodowa - An icon on the cultural map of Warsaw. This is an old film cinema, under the care of Filmoteka Narodowa. Ideal for fans of ambitious repertoire.


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Main contact

Karolina Guzik

Karolina Guzik

+48 22 509 99 99 E-mail

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