Good neighbourhood

What is good neighbourhood? It is not only friendly people but also the greenery around, cultural attractions within hand's reach and finally - design serving people. All those elements meet at one address on the border of the districts of Stare Bielany and Żoliborz – two most beautiful and green districts of Warsaw. Mickiewicz Development is located only a few minutes away from the subway stations of Słodowiec and Plac Wilsona. With the vegetation preserved here and additional, carefully planned planting, the inhabitants are provided with a quiet and calm haven close to the centres of both districts.

Living area: 27.77 - 113.26 m²
Number of rooms: 1 - 4 rooms
Floors: 6
Location: Bielany/Żoliborz
Sales start: November 2017
Move in date: Q3 2019

Main contact

Adam Malinowski

Adam Malinowski

+48 22 509 99 96 E-mail

BREEAM is one of the most popular European methods to assess the quality of buildings and the construction process. This is an insurance policy for the future, confirming high standards of execution, application of ecological solutions guaranteeing comfortable use. The buildings of stage two of the Mickiewicz Development are free of toxic materials. Thermal insulation applied there effectively reduces the costs of heating and the triple-glazed panoramic windows beautifully light the interiors.  The facility has applied for a BREEAM certificate.


Each inhabitant deserves equal treatment and access to all places of the development - irrespective of their age, fitness or even height. That is why the Mickiewicz development has been designed in a way that excludes no one. A minimum number of kerbs and steps facilitates traffic in the investment, access ramps, no-threshold lifts and light doors make it easy to get into the building; almost one half of the apartments may be adapted to the inhabitants’ specific needs with various kinds and degrees of disability in moving, seeing or hearing. The facility applies for a certificate of a Facility without Barriers.


Project's details

Close to nature

The Mickiewicz Development is located in a quiet and peaceful area on the border of the districts of Żoliborz and Stare Bielany, two most beautiful and green districts of Warsaw. We have a treasure in the neighbourhood – a surprising number of parks and green areas. There are also routes for trekking, running and cycling – from park Kaskady, via Stawy Kellera to Kępa Potocka.

Activities supporting the environment:

  • healthy finishing materials without hazardous substances and characterised with high resistance to mechanical, atmospheric or daily use conditions
  • a greenery design providing for the preserved trees, old trees, monuments of nature and newly planted trees (the land covered with vegetation accounts for 60%)
  • innovative design solutions providing for comfortable use of the building.

Comfort of inhabitants

The inhabitants of the development will find everything that is close to the Scandinavian philosophy of respect and openness to human needs.

  • monitoring of the development and round-the-clock security service
  • large triple-glazed windows
  • LED lighting in common spaces of the building
  • few apartments on each storey
  • electrical sockets in the garage for vacuum cleaners and charging electrical cars
  • bicycle boxes in garage spaces and storage boxes
  • a view of the city panorama from top floors
  • common creative spaces - inhabitants’ zones
  • a playground also accessible to children with special needs
  • a villa -style neighbourhood

High Standard

The high quality is combined with closeness of nature, creating a green comfortable space for the body and the spirit.

  • natural finishing materials on the façade and inside
  • flexible and functional layout of apartments
  • balcony, loggia or terrace in every apartment
  • height of the apartments: 2.72 m
  • greenery - tailored to the environment
  • an individual fit-out design and care for the arrangement of common spaces in the building
  • functional, simple and intuitive - carefully selected materials on the façade and inside
  • facility with no barriers: some apartments may be adapted to the needs of handicapped people

Project features

  • 2 buildings
  • 107 apartments
  • available apartment sizes: 27-113 m²
  • a varied shape of the building
  • 6 storeys
  • a two-storey garage with storage boxes and bicycle boxes
  • creative space for meetings for inhabitants of 70 m² developed to support local integration and develop neighbourly relations
  • an individual fit-out design of common spaces in the building


This is here where relaxation lives

The Scandinavian style also includes functional space. Order and simplicity in the surrounding will make us feel the harmony and peace. For your comfort, we have provided for an explicit split of space into the daily and night zones. Sun is a welcome guest in Scandinavian homes. With large, three-sectional windows, the interiors of Park Skandynawia will be ideally bright and well lit. The space is visually expanded with high ceilings – certain apartments are even 2.78 m high!

Good night’s sleep lives here

Have a good night’s sleep, like never before. Scandinavians know a recipe for a peaceful sleep. Whispering – silence is most important. In the apartments of Park Skandynawia, high quality insulation materials and windows with increased acoustic insulation fully minimise the noise level in bedrooms and other premises. In order to ensure that you breathe well and healthy when sleeping, we use solely anti-allergic paints for finishing works. Additionally, mechanically exhaust ventilation guarantees an adequate air temperature and quality.

You may select an apartment with a balcony or a garden

Scandinavians live in friendship with nature and in their cities, greenery dominates the developments. At Park Skandynawia green space can be found everywhere. Access to the building from an external patio guarantees a sense of safety. We have seen to it the gardens and apartments on the ground floor provide for intimacy. Or perhaps this your idea to live on the top floor? Each top floor apartment has its own terrace.


The Mickiewicz Development is located in a quiet and peaceful area on the border of the districts of Żoliborz and Stare Bielany, two most beautiful and green districts of Warsaw. Located in immediate neighbourhood of Stawy Kellera, park Żeromskiego and Harcerska Poczta Polska, surrounded with old trees, becomes an outpost for many species of domestic plants and animals. With the vegetation preserved here and additional, carefully planned planting, the inhabitants are provided with a quiet and calm haven close to the centres of both districts. After a short walk, you may rest in the beautifully maintained park Kępa Potocka, a place of active recreation for all generations. Just one nearby subway station away there is Lasek Bielański, the green lungs of Warsaw. Each green place in the neighbourhood is easily accessible due to the increasing number of bicycle paths.

The border to Stare Bielany and Żoliborz in the part of the city which is only about a dozen minutes away from such places. Żoliborz, affectionally called Joli Bord by the inhabitants (French for the beautiful river bank), is the most beautiful heart of culture in Warsaw. In Żoliborz and Bielany there are a number of clubs, restaurants and bar that attract with their gourmet offer, exhibitions and concerts guaranteeing good entertainment; festivals and cyclical local events develop neighbourly relationships. Both districts offer unique sites to spend your time in a pleasant way. Here are some proposals for great and smaller discoverers.

The presented prices are for information only and are not a commercial offer within the meaning of Art. 66.1 of the Civil Code and other applicable regulations. The visualisations presented at this site are only general and constitute solely supporting material to make it easier for future buyers of apartments to get oriented in the general look of the Development Project under way. The presented visualisations do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Act of 23 April 1964 - Civil Code (Journal Laws of 2014, item 121, as amended) and are not binding upon the Developer.


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Distance to places

    Be a part of good neighbourhood

    Feel the magic of Bielany and Żoliborz

    Mickiewicz Development is a place that will inspire you

    A cosy, modern and functional development, located on the border of the climatic Żoliborz and the green Bielany. A unique place, ideally combining a modern city with the appeal of peaceful green space.  Located on the verge of a nature reserve – forest of Bielany, close to 3 parks: Kępa Potocka, Kaskada and Harcerskiej Poczty Polowej and Stawy Kellera. It is neighbouring the Subway station Słodowiec, several blocks away there is the bus and tram stop in Pl. Wilsona. In immediate vicinity there are numerous bus and tram stops, bicycle paths and the Armii Krajowej route. Access to the centre by subway will take only 10 minutes and 15 minutes by car.

    We invite you to the friendly quite neighbourhood that provides for comfortable transportation routes to the lively city centre. Live in a good neighbourhood.



    Fort Sokolnickiego

    Attractions right outside your doors

    Bicycle paths encourage you to relax actively, numerous restaurants attract with their gourmet offer, a cinema and theatre offer good entertainment, and the cyclical events develop neighbourly relations. Both districts have numerous well quipped playgrounds, with the largest of them located in sady Żoliborskie, by AWF, in the park Cytadela and in Kępa Potocka, to ensure good time for the young ones.



    Kepa Potocka park - great for a walk, kayaking or biking


    Wisla Cinema


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      Adam Malinowski

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