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The Swedish origin of Skanska makes us the real experts in the field of Scandinavian lifestyle. That's why we created Park Skandynawia - a place where everything that's best for you lives: ecology, style, relaxation, good sleep and peace.

Park Skandynawia is on its way to get the international BREEAM certificate.

Ecology – just like for you – is of priority to us. Deciding to buy an apartment from us, you are certain that you contribute to environmental protection. Additionally, recycled construction waste is recovered in almost 100%. In order to make sure that nothing escapes our attention, the construction process is monitored Green assessors who are an ecological inspection team. In order to ensure your contact with nature, at Park Skandynawia also swifts will live in special bird homes.

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Project facts

Location: Gocław, ul. Optyków 5, 5A (dawniej ul. Ostrobramska 75)

Project's details

This is here where style lives

Get inspired with the beautiful harmony of Park Skandynawia. Here you will find real peace. The less, the more. Scandinavians have been following the principles for years. Pure and simple forms of architecture of Park Skandynawia coexist with the natural greenery of common parts. They are not only functional and comfortable but also original aesthetics and are ecological. Both outside and inside the buildings, Park Skandynawia stands out with natural, bright colours, characteristic of the Scandinavian style.

The landscape among buildings is filled in with lush greenery

Park Skandynawia has been designed in functional simplicity and closeness to nature.  Buildings with pure and simple forms co-exist with the natural environment. The climate of a Scandinavian landscape is evoked with green escarpments and hills that are suited to the style and nature of the development. 

Park Skandynawia is a space of 9 multi-family buildings

The first stage will cover 167 apartments in buildings in ul. Ostrobramska. The size of the apartments will be from 28 to 101m². There will be a two-level underground garage. The green space between buildings and the functional recreational areas concealed in it will favour lower pace, family recreation and establishment of neighbourly relations.  Here you will discover a different style of city life. In friendly relations with the surrounding. All you need every day stays within hand’s reach. Within 2 minutes you can walk to the Promenada Shopping Centre.


This is here where relaxation lives

The Scandinavian style also includes functional space. Order and simplicity in the surrounding will make us feel the harmony and peace. For your comfort, we have provided for an explicit split of space into the daily and night zones. Sun is a welcome guest in Scandinavian homes. With large, three-sectional windows, the interiors of Park Skandynawia will be ideally bright and well lit. The space is visually expanded with high ceilings – certain apartments are even 2.78 m high!

Good night’s sleep lives here

Have a good night’s sleep, like never before. Scandinavians know a recipe for a peaceful sleep. Whispering – silence is most important. In the apartments of Park Skandynawia, high quality insulation materials and windows with increased acoustic insulation fully minimise the noise level in bedrooms and other premises. In order to ensure that you breathe well and healthy when sleeping, we use solely anti-allergic paints for finishing works. Additionally, mechanically exhaust ventilation guarantees an adequate air temperature and quality.

You may select an apartment with a balcony or a garden

Scandinavians live in friendship with nature and in their cities, greenery dominates the developments. At Park Skandynawia green space can be found everywhere. Access to the building from an external patio guarantees a sense of safety. We have seen to it the gardens and apartments on the ground floor provide for intimacy. Or perhaps this your idea to live on the top floor? Each top floor apartment has its own terrace.

The presented prices are for information only and are not a commercial offer within the meaning of Art. 66.1 of the Civil Code and other applicable regulations. The visualisations presented at this site are only general and constitute solely supporting material to make it easier for future buyers of apartments to get oriented in the general look of the Development Project under way. The presented visualisations do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Act of 23 April 1964 - Civil Code (Journal Laws of 2014, item 121, as amended) and are not binding upon the Developer.


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Time for Gocław

Get inspired with the attractions of Praga Południe and choose to live in Park Skandynawia

When we look for a place to live of our dreams, it is not only the building but also the surrounding that counts. Everybody wishes to have comfortable daily life - in terms of duties and pleasures. Park Skandynawia is located in ul. Ostrobramska, in close neighbourhood to the Shopping Centre Atrium Promenada. With such location, it is easy to see to daily matters in a fast and comfortable way – everything is within a short distance: shops, pharmacies, laundry, banks and outpatient clinics. A lunch outing with children on Sunday afternoon or a coffee meeting with friends will not take much. Everyone will find a favourite place of their own.


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